Moving can be a stressful process.

Due to the nature of the traditional moving industry, finding and securing a removalist can often add to this stress.

For anyone who has had to book a removalist in the past, experiences such as last-minute changes, movers not showing up, high levels of expense, extra fees, not getting what you paid for, lengthy booking processes, and dodgy fine print are not uncommon.

Introducing Movepal, an easy-to-use platform that offers a streamlined process for booking a removalist right now or at a later date.

  • Movepal connects people wanting to move goods with moving teams who can move those goods.
  • Movepal covers all bases; from the smallest, singular item to a whole house or office move.
  • Movepal cuts out the middle man. You are provided with a quality service at a budget price. You only pay door to door. No depot travel charges or hidden fees.
  • Movepal fits in with your schedule. You can book a move for ASAP today, or at a later date.
  • Movepal ensures you are in charge and constantly updated. You have live tracking of your team from start to finish, and receive constant updates regarding your moving process.
  • Movepal ensures that all Movers on the platform have been checked, verified and tested. Only Movers who maintain excellent customer reviews are registered on the Movepal platform.
  • Movepal covers all moves for accidental damages to your goods of up to $10,000.