Parking Rules and Other Important Things Your Removalist Must Know Before the Big Move

If you are moving to a new place, one of the challenges you will come across is where the removal team will park. Many roads in Melbourne and Sydney have parking restrictions, and it’s a known fact that not all properties have a driveway big enough to hold a removal truck. Should you neglect to consider where the removalist will park, it could result in delays, not to mention the hefty fines you’ll have to pay for violating parking regulations.

Parking in the City

Street parking in larger cities is in very high demand. In order to regulate the high demand for parking spaces, many city streets implement time restrictions and sometimes ticket parking. This ensures parking turnover is seamless, as well as limit commuter parking in many areas, which will eventually result in more public transport use.

However, there are instances in which residents or visitors may be granted special parking permits. A permit allows users to extend the time limit and sometimes exempt them from meter fees, depending on the area.

That being said, it’s critical for you to know parking regulations and inform furniture removalists of any restrictions so the move becomes less of a chore and more of an exciting activity.

Plan for Parking and Access

When you’re booking for furniture removalist, always consider where they’re allowed to park. Inform them of the situation, and keep your neighbours in the loop as well.

Quite so often, most people neglect to inform neighbours and this always results in time and effort wasted. Removalists end up having to move half a dozen times because the neighbours weren’t informed that there’s a truck arriving and it’s blocking the driveway.

If you’re not aware, reverse parking a large truck can take 30 minutes or more. In your end, this could mean you have to pay more especially if it’s a per-hour basis kind of payment. For the removalist’s part, it’s wasted energy. If you can, ensure to find a parking area with a good height clearance. Big trucks need 4 metres or more while some small trucks are good with a 3.1 metre clearance. If you’re hiring a van, a 2 metre height clearance is enough. If you live within the CBD, parking permits can be obtained from the local council, but you must apply for a permit at least five working days in advance.

CBD Parking for Melbourne Removalists

Removalists in Melbourne have the option to park in the CBD. In the CBD, most bays have a limit of 1P during the day. At night time, the limit can be extended to 2P, but take note that most restrictions tend to end at 8:30 pm. Parking time is limited inside the CBD, so consider yourself lucky if you find a parking spot available outside, which often has longer time limits. If you find yourself still lacking time, the City of Melbourne has off street car parks.

It’s also worth noting that your parking time, which is managed by in-ground sensors, starts as soon as the engine is turned off in the parking bay and not when you pay the fee. Many people get this wrong, so if you’re moving, make sure every second counts.

CBD Parking for Sydney Removalists

Like Melbourne, finding a parking space in Sydney is like a competitive sport. Although there are lot of metered parking zones and parking stations in the city, removalists may still find it challenging to find a parking space near a client’s new home, with you ending up faced with high parking fee costs.

If your new home is near the CBD, you might as well take advantage of the space. What you should know about Sydney CBD parking prices is that they are cheaper during the weekends, especially after 5pm. That said, don’t plan your move during the week where Sydney CBD parking prices tend to be outrageous.

Lift Bookings for Apartment Relocations

If your new place has lift access, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to book the goods lift with the building management. While this is not the first thing that crosses your head when planning the move, consider this in your moving day to-do list from now on and check the availability in advance. You don’t want the lift to be all booked up on the day of your move. Otherwise, you’ll have to postpone the moving date or rearrange it around the lift bookings availability.

Additionally, make sure that your furniture removals company has an available team that can deliver your belongings with ease depending on the hours you’ve booked the lift and the size of your move. Building management have different allocated durations they can permit, but if it’s possible, try booking the lift for as long as needed since your loading time estimate may not always be accurate.

Other Important Things Your Removalist Must Know

Apart from parking rules and regulations, your removalists need to be informed of the other aspects of relocations. This information will make your transition much easier and will ensure you won’t encounter a problem that you can’t fix.

Your New Home’s Layout Surprisingly, a lot of people forget to do this, but having your removalist take a tour of your new home will make your move a whole lot easier. If you already have the keys to your new home, schedule the removalist for a tour so they already have the idea of where the stairs are, side paths, narrow hallways, as well as the latches on the gates and other essentials. Make sure they know the floor plan as well. These guys will carry your belongings in and out of the house — the least you can do is give them the liberty and ease of access. This will help you save time and energy.

Local Terrain On the topic of trucks and parking rules, your removalist needs to know the terrain of your new home, which includes steep inclines, narrow streets, and areas likely to be muddy when wet. These areas may be the reason why access may be limited. Your moving company needs to be familiar with these so they can come up with another plan so their vehicles would match the terrain. For example, instead of one huge truck, they may suggest two or three smaller trucks so they can manoeuvre in and out of the property easily. Consider overhanging plants and trees as well. These may also restrict access, so don’t forget to look up when assessing the area of your new home.

The Date of Settlement Furniture arriving before the settlement date is more common than you think. Although a hassle, this can be remedied. First off, inform your removalist of the settlement date. Second, prepare to book in for storage just in case your furniture arrives ahead of you. If you’re moving within the same city, you might as well book the removalist a few days after your settlement in order to avoid having this issue.

Movers on Demand

Looking for furniture removalists either in Melbourne or Sydney can be an overwhelming experience considering how large these cities are. With the hundreds of movers to choose from, how do you go about booking the right moving team?

Traditional moving companies are always around to help you in this endeavour, but if you want to go the easy route, trying using apps like Movepal. With only a few taps on your smartphone, you get an instant estimate of your entire move, book a team, and track the progress of the mover.