We all know it to be true.

We all have stuff that we just do not need or want anymore somewhere in our house. It could be an old table that you have kept promising yourself for the past five months that you will eventually varnish, a sofa that screams wine stains from the Christmas party or maybe an old mattress that has seen better days. Whatever it is, you know that you are not bringing it to the new place you are moving to; it would be embarrassing!

There comes a point where going through everything and looking through all of your stuff before a move feels like a huge stressor. You have to go through everything and decide if you want to keep it or not. Then, you might think it is worth something so you will have to try and have a yard sale.

What if it does not sell the first time around? Have continuous yard sales until you get rid of all the old furniture in your house? How would you even drop it off at a donation center or a dump when you are stuck with it?

This is maddening!

By now, you realize that there is no way people have that much time and energy when they are getting ready to move and have to sort, pack, label, organize and then get rid of old furniture or items. There must be an easier way than to cross your fingers and hope for someone to buy your old junk or even for someone to loan you a truck for moving!

Thankfully, there is a new app that works and acts similar to Uber, but it is for moving.

Use the Australian based company Movepal as your friendly and professional furniture removalists. This will allow you more free time for the fun things about moving, like buying new knick-knacks for your new place. Movepal can also head to your favourite furniture or antique store to pick up your original items for you after your purchases.

Movepal is available at the tip of your fingers. Go to the app and either book ahead of time or request a mover instantly. You can even choose what type of team of movers you will need for the move itself. From there, everything is thoroughly tracked from point A to point B all in real time. All of the movers are licensed and insured for better peace of mind. There are no hidden fees or costs at the end.

Movepal is becoming a smarter, more reliable and cheaper alternative than their competitors. If you are in a time crunch or do not want to waste all of your time selling, donating and or throwing away old items, Movepal is more of your speed. They keep up with the busy professionals of today.

Before using the Movepal app, go through all of your items and furniture and make sure that there is nothing that you will need to toss away. Some things are worth keeping if they are a family heirloom or you know you can keep utilizing it. If there is a way to make a little extra cash with certain items, you can always try a sale. But if you know the thing is not worth much, get rid of it. From there, get the furniture removalists to come and haul the junk away.

Afterward, pack everything up of course. Label and organize all of your things.

If you have already booked your appointment to move the movers will be right on schedule. If you needed to switch some dates or times around and had to request one for that day, just find a slot open for your preferred time and reserve it. Right from your phone, you will know how much the complete charge is going to be. There are no gimmicks, extra fees or any hidden costs. You can search for the right amount of movers you will need for your move to be simple.

Since all the movers are highly qualified and trusted, there is no need to sweat the rest of the move. Have the movers come and move everything to where ever it is you call your new place home.

You can easily keep track of all of your items with the easily downloadable app. You can even communicate with the movers a need should arise. Meanwhile, you should have more free time since Movepal has taken care of a lot of the hard work, reward yourself with a new stylish rug or that bedroom set you have always wanted.

No one wants to pay for the store’s outlandish shipping and drop off fees. Skip all of that hassle and use the Movepal app for the movers to pick up your stuff right at the store to be delivered at the same time with all of your other possessions.

There is no way it can be this simple, can it?

Movepal is making headway as a highly useful tool for all sorts of moves. If you need to move offices and supplies, Movepal is there to the rescue. They even move items to and from storage units or eBay items that are too bulky and large to go through the regular mail.

Moving is already stressful enough, whether it is moving down the street, to a new office or finally getting Pam’s old stuff out of your house. There is so much to do, and very little time to get everything done in the amount of time you will need. Get the free app today and book the move when the time is right for you.

No more lugging around heavy furniture to the donation store or a dump site.

No more watching the movers make sure they are careful with grandma’s priceless boudoir.

Say goodbye to hidden charges and dues. Say hello to convenience and reliability. Say hello to relaxation even during a stressful time and finally enjoy the moving process.