Movepal has found yet another way to move Australia into a brighter, more sustainable future!

Movepal is proud to announce we are partnering with Greenfleet to offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation. From now on, with every Movepal move our customers are contributing to the restoration of our Australian and New Zealand forests.

But that’s not all: Movepal has partnered with Greenfleet both for our equity crowdfunding raise and for moves in years to come.

Raising Trees For Australia’s Future

A part of our dedication to Australia’s future, Movepal has pledged to donate more to native tree reforestation for every $1 raised in our Birchal equity crowdfunding campaign. Help us shift Australia’s moving industry into a new era and leave a positive legacy through significant ecological impact.

Investing in Movepal is an investment
in Australia’s future!

Movepal’s Ongoing Commitment To Carbon Offset

But here at Movepal, our commitment to carbon offset does not stop when our equity crowdfunding raise stops: we aim to keep helping Greenfleet make a significant, ongoing impact towards protecting our climate through reforestation.

That’s why we have chosen to continue our partnership with Greenfleet and for every move made through Movepal, the carbon footprint of the move will be calculated and offset through Greenfleet’s native reforestation initiative.

Movepal’s ultimate aim, of course, is to become 100% carbon offset by 2021 and then to be certified as Australia’s first carbon neutral moving coalition.

Pushing For Change

Greenfleet’s sensational carbon offset initiative has helped dozens of Australian companies reduce their carbon footprint with no negative impacts on their businesses. That’s one reason their carbon offset model is so sustainable!

Many of our moving colleagues have also chosen to partner with Greenfleet to support climate protection and offset their carbon footprint responsibly. It’s a proven model that works for so many industries, including for removals and we commend and congratulate their achievements.

But the big difference is that Movepal is not a moving company: we are a coalition of dozens of moving companies, potentially thousands in the near future. And the moving companies themselves will not be paying for the carbon offset, nor is Movepal membership contingent on their participation: their carbon offset will be actioned based on all their collective moves by us here at Movepal Headquarters.

Movepal is subsidising the carbon offset contributions from all our approved movers solely from our own cut.

Who Are Greenfleet?

If you’ve never heard of them before, Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests.

Greenfleet plants native biodiverse forests to capture carbon emissions and helps fight the impacts of climate change. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 9.2 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand.

As they grow, Greenfleet forests absorb carbon emissions, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species.

Greenfleet is Australia’s most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets. Through practical climate action, Greenfleet is growing hope for our climate.

You can learn more about Greenfleet and the wonderful work they do at: