On a beautiful, tree-lined street in a Melbourne suburb, little Maddy sat gazing out her bedroom window. The street was empty, there were no children playing, not even a dog barking.

Her Mom and Dad were rushing around downstairs trying to get everything ready for the movers that were coming later that day.

She didn’t want to move, in fact there was no way that she was ever leaving this house. She hated the fact that the house was all boxed up, she couldn’t even play with her dolls because her naughty Mum had packed them all away.

Everything was quiet and Maddy was very bored. So bored in fact, that her eyelids began to droop, her body began to slump and within a few moments the quiet was pierced by her soft little snores. Maddy was asleep and in her sleep she began to dream…

The trees on her street began to bristle, then flap and then wave around with such force until from the depths of the sky a spaceship began to descend. It made its way along the street, plodding along until it reached Maddy’s house and came to a complete stop. Out of the house, the neighbouring kids came running up to the spaceship whooping with delight as they began to inspect this mysterious aircraft that had landed on their street. All of a sudden, the large doors began to slide open. The kids jumped back in fright as three yellow men with purple feet and green tongues appeared from within. It was an odd sight, but the aliens seemed so happy to be there. They jumped from the aircraft in fits of laughter, carrying sacks of soccer balls and bubbles and princess dresses and puzzles that they handed out to the children in the neighborhood. From her bedroom window, Maddy gazed down at these mysterious creatures not wanting to leave her room in case her parents thought she was happy to leave the house. She so longed to talk to the creatures, but they were too busy handing out all the fun toys to her neighbors. Everyone but her!

Maddy was so upset that she couldn’t play that she went to turn away from the window but at that moment, the creatures began to rise up into the air higher and higher until they were hovering outside her window. What an amazing sight! She quickly opened her window only to be picked up by the creatures who flew her down to the spaceship.

Before Maddy even knew what was happening, she was strapped inside the spaceship, the doors closed and the spaceship whizzed away back into the sky. They passed fluffy clouds, planet after planet, beautiful collections of stars, splashes of orange and red and little floating rocks until they landed on the Planet of Fun. The three aliens helped her down from the spaceship and the sight that she was greeted with was incredible. As far as she could see, the land was piled with every type of toy imaginable. This new place was a dream come true and she played for a while until, sadly, the creatures told her that it was time to go home. She was very upset that she had to leave this awesome new place but she knew she had to return to Earth!

And so, before long Maddy was placed back inside her room by the creatures, much to the envy of all the other kids, and said goodbye to the three yellow men who had shown her such an amazing place. She was pretty disappointed to be back at home.

But at that moment of sadness, the little snores began to subside and little Maddy woke up only to see a very different type of spaceship plodding along. It was a big white truck, zooming it’s way along the street and again coming to a stop outside Maddy’s house. Three men appeared from within the truck and before they could even knock on the front door, Maddy’s parents were surprised to find the she was already running up the driveway to greet them. Although they were not aliens, these men were going to take her to her new home and that was just as cool as going to the planet of her dreams. Moving house is the best adventure ever!